Unfurlling (Holden Village 2013)

Art Installation: Gerri Sayler, Poetry: Kat Smith, Music: Philip Kendall


PCT Washington 2012


Meadow Dance 2012

Music: Kristin Allen-Zito


Crater Lake 2012

Music: August Carpenter


PCT Training

Music: Impossible Bird

This is the version of training Blaze and I participated in.



Videography: Caleb Shafer


Patient Parody:  a comedy in the woods

Dancers: Alicia Garcia and Toni Fuller



Choreographed by Esther Edelman in collaboration with the dancer


Ramble in the Blue

Choreographed by: Natalie Fisher in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Charlotte Smith, Richard Peacock, Chris Morson, Treavor Boykin, Jachen Mackner, Rose Kirshner


All choreography by Natalie Fisher unless otherwise noted.