The Definition of Insanity

…would be hiking through California Section F with a cold.  The hokey pokey playing in my head.  Eighteen miles or more between water sources.

When I first caught the cold, my choice was either skip ahead and meet my sister 93 miles North of Tehachapi and no longer be a thru hiker (because Lord knows I was not returning to the desert!), or to hike on in spite of being sick.  Dad loaded me up with Dayquil and Niquil, and off I went.

Can’t say I remember a ton from that section, because it was a lot of dreary effort!  On night five Natalie and I raced up windy Mount Skinner as the sun was setting.  I blew a kiss and bid the desert goodbye from the top before we ducked out of the wind and set up camp for the night.   Now, several days later, we are at Kennedy Meadows, all rested up and about to head into the High Sierras.

I’m quite excited for this next section!  New kinds of adventures, new sights to see, and truly wild places to hike through.  Bear vaults are loaded with food, blisters healed, bodies rested.  702 miles down.  1,957 to go!

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