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Lost Coast

Lost Coast, CA

A beautiful, lonely coast.  King Range mountains.

There’s about 26 miles of undeveloped beach to hike.

Picking up a map on my way, the lady at the BLM office warns me that the whole range might be closed by tomorrow if the government shuts down, so I better get moving.  King Range

Funny, I thought to myself.  I didn’t even know what date it was.  I’m brought back to memories of the Chelan Forest Service office as I walk out the building back to my truck, and the usual fall wonderings if any of us would be working through September 30th.  Mostly wonderings in an off-hand joke.  Considering how silly that would be if we actually all didn’t have work.

I jump back in my truck and rev away into the King Range windy roads.  I start my little trek at the Mouth of the Mattole River.  Waking up early in the morning to hike to the Punta Gorda lighthouse and back before high tide.  Then I wind around to the other end of the lost coast trail and trek in from Shelter Cove to Big Flat.

A really big flat on the edge of the ocean.

And no one is there.

I sleep on the beach, lullaby-ed by the surf.

Met a couple who said a ranger told them they could be renegades for 48 hours and then they had to leave the King Range.  A cartoon image of caution tape around all of the coast and mountains I just hiked through pops into my head.  Silly. But I like the idea of being a renegade.

Big FlatWonder what’s happening in the wide world as I pack up the next morning and leave the coast for the hills a couple thousand feet above me.  Madrone trees, ocean, mountains, fall.  I spend a day making a giant loop up into the mountains and back to the beach where I watch sea otters playing and fishing in the surf til the sun sets.

Time is up. I follow bear prints on the beach back to my truck. A satisfied renegade.



Lost Coast

Three Grace Cellars

Chelan, WA

I take Hwy 20 back to the East side.  I’m late, I’m late, I’m late singing in my head.

View of Ross Lake from Hwy 20.
View of Ross Lake from Hwy 20.

But man the drive was worth it.

Through high country and a twisting road.  Back to the Okanogan Valley.

Late to dinner at the best pizza place. The Myth. (one of two stops I make almost every time in town.  The other is Bear Foods Creperie).

Dinner mission accomplished.  On to the next task.  A weekend of wine making.

Last fall, Brr and I stopped in at Chelan and helped press wine.  It’s time to bottle that wine.

SAMSUNGAbout 200 bottles worth of pinot noir and cab/merlot.

Sitting on the floor in the laundry room with a line of carboys and bottles and a siphon.

Picking grapes off the vines in the backyard.

Crushing them and taking first steps for the next batch of wine.

Pausing in the heat.

SAMSUNGMaking good food to go with the dregs from the carboys.

Dining on one of my favorite decks (I have a list of top favorite decks. This is number one).

Good food, conversation and home made vino.  Toasting one winemaker who left us too early.

There’s too much wine in the house. A case for Brr goes in the back of my truck. And some extra for stops along the way.

SAMSUNGTime to move.

South I go.




The winemakers Jim and Robert
The winemakers Jim and Robert