Lost Coast

Lost Coast, CA

A beautiful, lonely coast.  King Range mountains.

There’s about 26 miles of undeveloped beach to hike.

Picking up a map on my way, the lady at the BLM office warns me that the whole range might be closed by tomorrow if the government shuts down, so I better get moving.  King Range

Funny, I thought to myself.  I didn’t even know what date it was.  I’m brought back to memories of the Chelan Forest Service office as I walk out the building back to my truck, and the usual fall wonderings if any of us would be working through September 30th.  Mostly wonderings in an off-hand joke.  Considering how silly that would be if we actually all didn’t have work.

I jump back in my truck and rev away into the King Range windy roads.  I start my little trek at the Mouth of the Mattole River.  Waking up early in the morning to hike to the Punta Gorda lighthouse and back before high tide.  Then I wind around to the other end of the lost coast trail and trek in from Shelter Cove to Big Flat.

A really big flat on the edge of the ocean.

And no one is there.

I sleep on the beach, lullaby-ed by the surf.

Met a couple who said a ranger told them they could be renegades for 48 hours and then they had to leave the King Range.  A cartoon image of caution tape around all of the coast and mountains I just hiked through pops into my head.  Silly. But I like the idea of being a renegade.

Big FlatWonder what’s happening in the wide world as I pack up the next morning and leave the coast for the hills a couple thousand feet above me.  Madrone trees, ocean, mountains, fall.  I spend a day making a giant loop up into the mountains and back to the beach where I watch sea otters playing and fishing in the surf til the sun sets.

Time is up. I follow bear prints on the beach back to my truck. A satisfied renegade.



Lost Coast

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Natalie Fisher is a dancer, teacher, silk aerialist, and choreographer. She is inspired by the wilderness. Her work involves finding the seam where her worlds of dance, aerials and the wilderness meet.

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