It’s My Birthday!

I turn 25 on June 2nd. 

If someone had told 18-year-old me that in seven years I would meet all the people I’ve met, traveled across the country and across the world several times, fallen in love over and over again with all you lovely friends and family, and find myself on an insane adventure hiking across the country, I probably would have laughed in disbelief.  A wealthy woman, am I.

Thanks to all who have sent me your good wishes during this trip!  If you would like to make some sort of gift, I would love REI gift cards.  I can use them to buy more Injinji wool socks once my current ones have holes rubbed through them.  Or sunscreen.  You can send them to the next Post Office address that should be listed in the “Contacts” section. 

And/or send me a facebook message with a favorite memory or experience we had together.  I would love that. 


3 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve been following your blog along with about 60 other PCT thru-hikers. But what makes yours unique is that my birthday is also June 2nd! So happy birthday to both of us! (Only I’ll be 42 rather than 25 🙂 ). I am section hiking Oregon from north to south and will be in the Timothy Lake to McKenzie Pass part this summer so maybe I’ll run into you and certainly others. It’s like meeting movie stars on the trail with all the blog reading. 🙂 Have a great hike and happy trails!

    Portland PCT Section Hiker Mike

    1. Thanks, Mike! Happy Birthday to you, too! We are enjoying a zero day at Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce, where we made a bona fide birthday cake and shared it with everyone lounging around. See you on the trail.

  2. Birthy Hapday. Hmmm … think I got something backwards here. Happy birthday. There, got it correct. Thanks for the posts. Lee

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