Here, Rattler

“I saw two rattlesnakes and one of them almost killed me!” is probably not the best thing to say to a loving mother inquiring into her daughter’s first week in the PCT wilderness, but the words were already out.

Yes, Mom, TWO rattlesnakes.  The first one was a big brown and pink beauty, two to three inches in diameter. She was resting on a rock by the trail, and we were both equally surprised when I trundled by. She springs into an instant figure eight coil, rattle thrumming like none other. I squeal, take a step back and fall flat on my deriere.

Now I am on the ground scrambling to right myself and the giant pack attached to my back, Ms. Snake and I still eyeing each other.

Dad is right behind me and hauls me up by my pack.  We back up and then edge by. She had no plans to move.

That got my adrenaline going!  After that, snake number two was nothin’ this hiker couldn’t handle.  Figure I’ll stay on my feet from now on.

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  1. keep going girls, we are following your posts as the ascent north continues. it is still winter here in the north as Mt Baker skiing is still open this weekend. love bpc

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