Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650 or so mile long trail that stretches from the Mexican border into Canada passing through California, Oregon and Washington.

I hiked the PCT from April 18th to November 18th 2012.  7 months on trail of hiking, dancing, meeting amazing people and having an incredible journey.

This was an expedition of wilderness dancing.  Hike My Hike, Dance My Dance began as a project to create a film of my hike.  Little did I know how apt the title would become.  An artistic storytelling venture that is nearing completion.You can see the Washington part of the film here.

I began my PCT journey with my father and sister (known on the trail as Backtrack and Blaze). I was called Dances with Lizards.  We were Team No Hurries.

Due to injuries, Blaze finished her journey at Donner Pass, Backtrack ended his at Hyatt Lake.

I continued on until I caught up with Brr(silent D) (Also known as Stephen) and we became the Lollygag Crew.

Dances and Silent D made it to Canada November 18th.

Thank you to all the wonderful Project Sponsors and Gear Sponsors RUTA LOCURA and StickPic who made this trip of dancing and hiking possible! 


The stories from Team No Hurries

Blaze (Ashley): Thoughts from Blaze.

Backtrack’s (Brett)  trail log can be found at Wander About PCT Page.

My trail stories can be found in my trail stories. Or at the bottom of this page under the Pacific Crest Trail menu. Enjoy!