Be My Angel?

Cinco de Mayo found us at a campsite with Dr. Sole, who treats foot pains and blisters on tired hikers. Lil’ Steps and Tarzan were also there serving up omelettes and margaritas – all before 11am.  We decided to take a zero day, left our packs and gear at the campsite, and hitched into Idyllwild for some much needed showers, pizza, and laundromat time. (Thanks for the pizza, grandma!)

The twelve mile hitch back to camp was an adventure! The old guy who picked us up said sure he could take us. We were grateful because it was out of his way and the sun was setting, which makes it hard to catch a ride. Halfway there he decides to buy a fishing license at Lake Hemet and go home!

It’s dark now and no one is stopping. It gets cold so I put on some slightly damp clothes, testing whether or not they really keep you warm when wet! The moon is full and beautiful, I have food and water and my family and we are safe, I keep telling myself in an effort to not miss my tent and warm purple sleeping bag. Please, I think – send someone kind who will help us! 

A while later, I am sitting pitifully on a bench outside the fishing license and convenience store in an effort to soak up some of its radiating heat. A man in an SUV pulls up and starts walking around with a flashlight.

Me: Can, I help you find something?
Him: No, I’m looking for a beetle but it’s too cold and the wrong time of year.
Me: Can I get a ride down the highway six miles? (I explain why) There are three of us. Will you be my angel?

The nice high school biology teacher couldn’t refuse a request like that and off we went.  My waiting sleeping bag now minutes away. What a day!  What an angel!

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