Teaching Philosophy

We are made to move.  As a teacher, I strive to inspire my students to explore their bodies, movement, and artistic expression.  This exploration includes developing an understanding of the physical body, and the connections between the physical, mental and spiritual bodies that make dance.

Personally, I dance because I like being creative.  Most of the time it’s fun.  Most of the time it’s work.  Fun work.  I like being physically active.  I like the way it challenges my mind to think and create in ways it normally doesn’t.   I am here to share and enjoy this experience with my students.

In each class, I expect that students have the desire to learn, to discipline themselves in the practice, and to have an open mind to new ideas for movement.

Photography by Julia Van Raalte

I respect students’ personal space and limitations, while encouraging them to expand their comfort zones within dance.

I will support each student, share my inspirations, and use different learning methods to pass on as much knowledge as I can.  I am particularly inspired by nature, and I often draw on my experience from the outdoors to facilitate teaching through metaphors and imagery.  I also try to connect to different learning styles, using musicality and counts to teach to those who learn best through music and math, for the kinesthetic learners using physical corrections, to the visual and audio learners using demonstrations and verbal cues.