Saying Goodbye to the Civilization of Seattle.

It’s time to return to the wilderness.

Signs and more signs are blatantly thrust in my way.  Electronics around me are sputtering and crashing. The thought and flavor of oatmeal is becoming appealing again.  My new pair of trusty Keen’s just arrived…the signs are everywhere.  I’ll take the hint and leave civilization for a while.

My computer monitor has crashed,  the battery on my phone is failing, the light in my room burned out.
(Now I can’t see anything.  Where did I hide that headlamp?)  I chose to make a dance for film as one of my final choreography assignments.  I should of known better- the computer program kept crashing, the DVD didn’t render correctly, the DVD player wouldn’t read it… life would have been much easier during finals week if I had chosen NOT to put  my dance onto a screen (The next post will have details on this project and the final video!)

I suppose the fact that my box of laundry soap has run out, and other cleaning supplies are running low, could be another sign it’s time to leave.  I’ll buy that idea, rather than buy more chemicals that my morals don’t support the production of (oh the sacrifices I have made while living in ‘civilization’ a world too shiny and sterilized.)  More soap? I’ll pass.

It’s an entertaining process consolidating my things again.  My box of gear keeps getting bigger (actually the box is the same size, but the gear is spilling out over the edges).  It’s simple enough to get rid of clothes I’ve worn through and to sort through the miscellaneous pieces of paper I’ve accrued over these past eight months.  However, the many books lovingly haphazardly strewn everywhere can not be parted with.  (The forest service cabin will be full of books that make me happy this summer).  I must say goodbye to my comfortable bed.  Until the next time I inhabit a house long enough to transport my bed there.  Sorry back.  You’ll have to get used to the variables of sleeping on ground again: sand, hard dirt, rocky hard dirt, an occasional soft meadow, more hard dirt.

There’s the sum of it.  Throw everything into a car and drive away.  Off to places with room to breathe. Mountains outside my tent.  Lakes to swim in.  Rivers to run.  Adventures awaiting.

I say goodbye to this city not knowing when I’ll return again.

Visits? of course.  but the draw to stay again-for an extended time- is not present.

I am drawn to wander.  And so I follow where the path leads me.  And to where the impulse to explore carries me off the trail.

The other day I found my camera in a lost box in the closet.  It’s last state of life was reported as ‘death by jellyfish’.  I hit the buttons just for fun.  It worked again!

And so it might be another sign, or just good fortune.  Whichever the case, I’ll gladly take my trusty many times drowned camera with me again on wanderings. Recording a few glimpses of times spent in a concrete free world.

I made one dream happen.  Time to make the next one real.

Time for some wilderness dancing.

About Natalie

Natalie Fisher is a dancer, teacher, silk aerialist, and choreographer. She is inspired by the wilderness. Her work involves finding the seam where her worlds of dance, aerials and the wilderness meet.

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