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This company was founded by Josh Leavitt as a spin off from Titanium Goat where he was a founding partner.  The company specializes in providing ultra light gear.

Why I chose this company?

Ruta Locura provides the lightest trekking poles on the market.

The Yana Trekking Poles


“Carbon fiber Yana Poles are the original UL adjustable trekking poles. Still the lightest!

Yana Trekking PolesThey were formerly known as Adjustable Goat Poles, sold by Titanium Goat. As such, their components and accessories are completely interchangeable with the early versions. The only difference is some improved construction over the previous versions.” Quoted from their website.

These trekking poles have received some of the best reviews from long distance hikers.

Top marks for:

functionality, adjustability,

and half the weight of its competitors.

Ruta Locura provides a whole array of light weight gear for the pack weight conscious hiker. Including instep crampons for those early summer snow drift crossings, and a line of carbon and titanium products.

They are a small cottage industry which (from my experience with small gear companies) translates to excellent quality gear and customer service.

Here’s a link to an interview with Josh from the blog Hiking in Finland about the start up of Ruta Locura.

I’m excited to take their gear on the trail and thrilled to have their sponsorship for this project!



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